Good job, Humans! (thread)

November is here, and that means a massive shift is coming. And by "massive" I am of course referring to the redefinition of the kilogram unit of mass that the world has been building up to for more than 100 years. Let me explain: pic.twitter.com/FnOmq4dFTF— Max Fagin (@MaxFagin) November 1, 2018…



First post of this new blog was about a conversation I'm having with Jesse about a neo-Victorian- / steampunk-style volunteer collaborative initiative to build ... democratic, I guess (??) ... information infrastructure. Our first attempt at a name was "Her Majesty's Royal Society of Pragmatists Building Open Infrastructure for Evidence-Based Decision-Making".Today / yesterday Carl just tweeted this: Going to spend a week in Bengaluru at the end of the year for the official launch of the Servants of Knowledge Scanning Society and Social Club. With a name like that, it will surely catch on.…


Foreword by Dan Brickley and Libby Miller

I've been trying to understand how to semantic web for 1.5 decades now. This is helpful (and funny)People think RDF is a pain because it is complicated. The truth is even worse. RDF is painfully simplistic, but it allows you to work with real-world data and problems that are horribly complicated. While you can avoid RDF, it is harder to avoid complicated data and complicated computer problems. RDF brings together data across application boundaries and imposes no discipline on mandatory or expected structures. This can make working with…

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Hi internet, ASD here. Long time listener, first time caller.— Australian Signals Directorate (@ASDGovAu) October 29, 2018 reminds me of Defcon's "spot the fed".…